Bleeeeeeeeep! Naa na Naa na Naa na! Whatever your morning call be… Tick tock.. Tick tock… The clock is counting you through the day, it’s that unavoidable shackle, the wort on the tip of the nose. 30 minutes, 5 minutes… just one more snooze. Our day is cut up into bite sized pieces, dissected, murdered. Who said the working day was 9 till 9? What f*#k played with my 24 hours? It is true, we live in exciting times, we are global, we are twenty-four hours… But couldn’t we agree to put the stopwatch down people? Decapitate all devices from say…  Erm, Ok let’s give people a chance… 22.30 and let’s declare that personal time for one and all.

What if we confiscated all time pieces, decommissioned Big Ben? (that makes me weep) and raised up a big ass lamp next to the moon. Surely then the notion of time would be dispelled for good and we wouldn’t need to cram a BBQ into that one free rainy evening, we could fire up the coals whenever. We wouldn’t feel bound to the 15-minute ready meal in a desperate scamper to relish the cinders of a day. We’d be clueless and fill the now timeless hole with cooking and creating something worthy of our global gut.

'Tick Tock- clock still life photograph | Pic-nik: A conversation of food

Mmmm, I see myself on a beach, who knows the time, I’m reading and eating watermelon while my freshly dug fire pit warms.

Ooooh… It could be two, no! Five in the morning, who knows, who cares! I’m on a rooftop tossing a salad as the clay of my new pizza oven dries.

Sounds perfect! What kind of bulb are we looking at here for said lamp? Or maybe a big reflector would be more realistic? Mimic the properties of the moon not add an extra drain on our already depleting resources. Then again we could all move to the country and screw 24 hours of light, go where it’s a whole lot slower – A generalisation indeed, but the global working day is born from the metropolis not the field. So pay attention, move yourself afield of your favoured city and watch the clock wind down. Observe how people embrace the late afternoon. How the pinafores, the wellington boots are put away early, how the lawn is mowed, how the plasma strikes up that much sooner. WHAT!? Why is that pixelated wall monstrosity intruding? It is US that are the problem, we have reached our full capacity, we have nowhere else to go. We are dissatisfied with our own head space. Dulled by the monotony of our thoughts. ‘Did I lock the car?’ ‘I might start up judo.’ ‘Is it acceptable to go to the pub again?’ ‘Hello Tina’s got a new hair cut’… Like! The global tycoons hide at their desks and as the commuter belt thins out fewer hiding places are to be found (all entirely unfounded but a loose reasoning adopted). We basically conjure a sense of purpose and cling to it for dear life as the clock tick tocks.

'Tick Tock- nude still life photograph | Pic-nik: A conversation of food

Face it, time does us a favour… After all, we are only one removed from an animal. We unearthed emotion, empathy and have prattled on about it for an eternity. Our throbbing heart is our purpose, our misery our choice. We try with all our might to sideline simple pleasures as inferior to our complexity. F#*king, the free ecstasy gifted to all, far too easily gets cast aside in favour of deep meaningful words and pontifications. Running aimlessly is reserved for children or if practised in adulthood has to be pigeon holed and boxed up as keep fit. The splendid spike of spice that delights the tongue is all too easily swapped out for a convenient and very much un-splendid fuel source. We are martyrs to our emotion, we revel in the hardship of our mind and relish the ability to summon sympathy for an image of a panda bear on the back of our cereal packet.

Time IS our friend, it passes quickly as with more of it what would we do? Our world would become a mass of external thoughts being dictated out loud in order to find a sense of purpose. Imagine Dawson Leery sharing a pint with Adrian Mole and the Kid from The Wonders Years. Oops tread carefully isn’t Facebook already serving that need, giving us all a place to dump our minds meanderings. Tick tock, tock tick.. Perhaps instead of complaining we should dig deep and entrench ourselves back into our global lives. Make the most of being bated by time, being on the clock, but find a corner once in a while to do those trivial things, the things animals do… Fuck, eat and enjoy!