Queen Addi Ghetto, the chicken racer & neck slasher, loves the plucky bird so much she wants to perch them on every high street. Spirited rapper, Dj and Jamtown cook, Addi is all about big tables and people talking

We sit in a cafe on Norwich’s favourite bric-a-brac street, the radio bleats out its chorus as a lively Addi, having barely slept the night before, sets on her tune, ‘My favourite dish as a child was chicken, it’s always been chicken… We used to race chicken, we used to sell chicken, I had to learn the art of killing a chicken.’ Bang, she has arrived and is ‘literally’ straight at the jugular, ‘you have to catch him, tie his legs, tie him up to a tree head down and slash the neck off, blaad blaad blaad’. Talking of her childhood in the Caribbean Addi is excited to tell us of the significant chicken, how it ruled the roost. Enthused she then leads us straight to the kitchen table. ‘If I’m not eating at a table I’m not eating’. She goes on to talk of her bemusement when seeing people eat on the street and on buses, ‘None of that happened in the Caribbean… if you weren’t at the table something would be wrong… it’s tradition!’ She settles. Addi’s ideas are fierce but positively moral, for her, food belongs at a table, where else would you eat? We begin to gather that throughout her life, it is at this very table where, for her, society has taken shape. ‘I think all dis restaurants that we have in the city should have a big table in the middle, this way we’ll get people talking to each other more, socialising more’.


Addi is busy like a bird, she flits from one idea to another, one moment we are talking to a cook, the next a Dj, the next a rapper. She has many different outfits, working as a radio presenter, producing music and of course food. Addi tell us about Jamtown? ‘I’ve created Jamtown so we can all have a social setting where we all eat and we enjoy each others company and have a good time doing so’. Jamtown is Addi’s gift to Norwich, a pop up Caribbean night. The very platform to get people together, enjoy reggae and obviously set loose that chicken. Sounds great… Is great, but that’s not all folks; Addi talks of her ambitions to open up a restaurant on the high street well, to be exact, a franchise on many high streets, ‘Next to the fish shop, next to the pizzas, next to the coffees, don’t worry mate we are coming!’ Addi is an easy person to warm to and believe in. She secured lottery funding to make Jamtown possible, a reactionary concept she came up with when disappointed to find no Caribbean food in Norwich. So be on the lookout for the franchise, because as she has practised successfully once, ‘If you can’t find what you are looking for then you have to create this thing’, and there is our summary of this direct, strong lady, like the boldest of hunters if it ain’t there make it.