Growl… Grrrr…. Mmmm…!  Smack your cucumber up and it gets fierce

This prodigy side dish from the boys at Wolf & Social is hot, goes with just about everything from meat and fish to simple boiled sushi rice. Pack it for a picnic, it’s a damn sight more exciting than a dainty cucumber sandwich and tastes surprisingly more cucumbery than cucumber!

Smacked Cucumber Recipe Ingredients

1 Cucumber
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Caster sugar
2 tsp Dry chilli flakes
1 Clove of garlic grated
3 tbsp Sesame oil
Glug of rice vinegar
Coriander sprigs (optional)
Black and white sesame seeds (optional)

Smack/smash the cucumber using ‘fist, rolling pin, foot, head etc’ cut lengthways into quarters, then cut at 45° angles into bite-sized chunks. ‘Don’t be put off by mushy bits. These are good, smacking denatures the structure of the cucumber and allows the marinade to imbibe the flesh’ Place in a bowl or container and sprinkle the salt and sugar over the cucumber and mix well. Cover and leave for 1/2 hour under compression. ‘this will help draw out some of the residual water’ After 1/2 hour drain. Add rice vinegar and garlic. Mix well.

Meanwhile, heat the sesame oil in a pan until hot, add chili flakes and bring to a foam. At this point pour over the cucumber and garlic mix, ‘it will sizzle satisfyingly.’ For more of a kick, you can add fresh Julienned chili at this point.

Mix well and taste, adding more vinegar if necessary.

Leave in the fridge for a minimum of 3 hours.

Smacked Cucumber travels well and kept in the fridge will be delicious for a week, as the flavour intensifies making it the perfect ‘prepare-ahead’ picnic companion dish.

By Chef Francis Woolf


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